Thursday, June 28, 2007


Happy Freezter! Sheesh! We couldn’t even do a morning Easter egg hunt cuz the frost was too thick. I have really been whining about the cold. Somehow it feels like we were given a great gift(Spring) and then it was taken away. I just feel pissed! My poor trees were totally fooled and now how black droopy leaves. Guess it’s supposed to be better tomorrow but still in the twenties tonight. vent much?

OK then. On to nicer stuff. Hope you have had a good day with family  and/or friends. It is actually really pretty here(except for the dead flowers etc.) You may have seen Ben’s Easter Offering on You tube. Does this hamminess run in the family or what?

I wanted to try to catch up a bit from the last couple of months. The photo is from the cruise I took with my mom in Feb. It was hosted  by WGNA in Albany NY and we had a great time. Stayed up til dawn with Collin Raye and my mom didn’t even get mad.She used to frown on that.

Matraca, Gretchen and I did a show for NSAI at Twelfth and Porter last weekend. We had a rockin’ audience and a standing O. So warm and fuzzy.

I have been doing more meetings than music lately. Trying to make some big decisions on how to release the upcoming CD. We have had some major revelations in the past few days. Stay tuned and we’ll connect with you more as we go through the process.

Maybe we’ll ALL learn something. Missing you.
Can’t wait til the Symphony Show in Iowa. Time to hide my own Easter that’s fun.



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