Thursday, June 28, 2007

Going back a few

Well, it’s about time for a journal entry. Sorry it’s been so long. Things are really shakin’ around here.

I guess I’ll go back a bit to the fun time we had in Scotland and Sheffield England.

I went over with Matraca Berg and Gretchen Peters to premiere our Wine, Women and Song show. We took along my 11yr old son, Ben; Jeff Hannah(Nitty Gritty Dirt Band...Matraca’s hubby) and Barry Walsh, ( Gretchen’s significant...piano player/sleeps with the act.) The guys sat in on a couple of numbers but mostly the show is about three chick singer-songwriters who have known each other for a bunch of years. We actually sound good together as a bonus!

Both showswere big fun and since we had plenty of time we did a little site seeing. Ben especially liked the scarey parts of the castles and the old streets they call “the close”. We met our good buddy, Dean Owens there(he opened for us in Glasgow) and got a great tour from him and his 10 yr old daughter, Billie.

We had a fair share of late noights but one wonderful thing came of that. Since we were up until 3am most nights(UK time)...Ben never got off of his schedule. You see it’s a six hour difference there and at home he gets up at 6a.m. for school and goes to bed at 9p.m. We were up til 3 and slept until noon. Wasn’t that a nice coincidence?

Anyway, it was good to have Jeff along to croon Mr. Bojangles. Too bad the guys have to work on their own gigs while we are there in May. I’m sure we won’t get into any trouble......

More VERY soon. I have lots to tell you.

L and H



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