Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I have spent the evening listening to Song of America. It is a project that I contributed to, but until I felt the sum of the givings, I did not fully understand the impact.

It is a project that begins with such beautiful innocent intentions and I cannot be anything but a person that delivers the "news" in this case.

I have always been intuitive as to which people and projects are directed by heart and not commerce. This is scarily the case here. 50 songs. Does anybody really give a "rat's you know what" about the songs that addressed the many trials, objectives, and social hurdles we've faced? I guess "YES!"

I grew up singing a bunch of these songs in school and I believe that our music teachers were trying to give us a history lesson along with the good time. The melodies are infectious, but the lesson is.......LISTEN.

Travelin’ Gal

Hi Everybody

Sorry to be AWOL for a while now. I've been traveling a bunch and find that I'm asleep before I hit the pillow most nights.

I've had some amazing gigs the past six weeks! Thanks to all who partook. We will keep the secrets safe, right?

Had a "wild" thing happen last night at Camp Crider. We sort of live in the country, but with the drought in TN now, the critters are getting real familiar. I went to close the lid on the grill and there was a possum sitting there looking at me like.... "What?" One of the dogs got sprayed by a skunk a few weeks ago, then got in a fight with a coyote. Just a few small puncture wounds but I lost my voice for two days from the screaming of vernacular as I ran out there making myself look as Big and Scary as possible. The chipmunks are taking over, so the rabbits are ticked and the deer practically drink out of the pool.

I'll be on Prairie Home Companion this Sat. If you aren't familiar with it tune in for a treat. Its a flashback to the old radio shows wirth a cool twist. Garrison Kiellor is the host and he'll take you to his hometown of Lake Wobegon.

The CD has been doing pretty well. You might hear a track or two at Starbucks as they are playing some in the stores and on their XM station. I'm loving that!

Halloween is coming. Do you have your costume?