Friday, July 10, 2009

A Gift

OK now we're cookin'! Hit the mountains and I just felt my spirits lift. There really is something spiritual about getting away and communing with..OK, maybe I'm getting cosmic, but you probably know what I mean.
Had such a great time last night performing in Placitas NM. My good friends Gary and Carolyn Roller invited me to do one of their Campfire Series Shows. We've been trying to get this scheduled for a couple of years now and "Dang It" we finally got it done. Now I can't wait to do the next one. So fun doing a mini Cowboy set with Gary, Sid Masters and Uncle Bob. Check out the webisode so you can see the amazing sunset that was way upstaging me. 

Tonight I made pasta with alfredo sauce, proscuitto and peas while the boys rode bikes and fished. Honestly, it was perfection. Me doing something I in the mountains at a great campsite in the trees and them off away from computers and TV. Though they came back to the RV empty-handed, they acted as if they had received a gift and I felt like I too.


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