Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Newsletter

Ho Ho Ho,

Just wanted to take this opportunity to say Happy Holidays. Hope you can appreciate the spirit of our card. Family fun and "Danger" are two of our favorite things!

Kind of relaxing during the season, but ready to fire up when the new year starts. I am really looking forward to 2009 and think the future looks bright!

I've added a few dates so you may want to check that out. We'll be filling it in and may be coming closer to you, so keep in touch.

We've done a Christmas facelift on the MySpace page. Something there that's probably new to you. See, Doug and I paid for our wedding, moved into a new house, and had no money for gifts, so we made a Homemade Christmas cassette in 1987. It was our family gift and now we are sharing it with you. Well, just a song or two. Guess you know we appreciate you, but after so many years with some of you, it IS almost family. Anyway, mushy, mushy.

Please know that we wish you good fortune and much happiness throughout the season, 2009 and even longer.

: )

Take care,



Blogger stevenps34 said...

I remember last Christmas I live in s small town in Oklahoma. I told one of the ladies at our local convenience store that its not Christmas until I hear Suzy sing Two Steps round the Christmas tree

November 19, 2010 at 6:28 PM  

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