Monday, July 23, 2007

Suzy's Summer Updates

Well, I've been doing some fun traveling lately. Got to spend the fourth in Maine and before that experienced my first oyster orgy. Our friend Mutt, took us to his lab and showed us the miracle which is oyster sex. I now know why you eat them in the months with r(s). Trust me it's a good idea....I actually played some of my favs -that week. The Birchmere; the Rams Head and a really fun symphony show at St Mary's College. What a great campus. I would have flunked out being on the water like that. I would've majored in boys with boats.

Fri the 20th we were in the Shenadoah Valley. I am totally smitten with it. I thought I had seen Virginia, but this really gave me another perspective. Go to Orkney Springs and drink the water. You'll be saved.

We have a huge week ahead of us with the CD. Finally tomorrow i will see the completed package and some of the reviewers will receive theirs. I have high hopes that they will see fit to help me get it out to the world. Ant... rubbertree me!

Excited about going back to Maine for a couple of shows. We are taking Ben on an RV trip for a few days ahead of the shows. I've hired Chevy Chase to be our guide. heehee We'll be in Brownfield on the 10th of Aug and Ogunquit on the11th. I will be buff and tan from long hikes and rock climbing. OK that's a stretch.

On the 12th I am making a return engagement to Club Passim. The last time I played there was 1983! I seriously can't wait. I am flooded by memories of that trip and will most likely be embellishing them brilliantly at the show. Truly DID open for Suzanne Vega and on the same trip, sat in with Shawn Colvin at The Living End in Greenwich Village. NAMEDROPPER! but really, none of us hit until years after that. Isn't it cool that we crossed paths back then. They might not remember cause I was still dressing like Laura from Little House On The Prairie. I had a nice Martin though, they might remember it.

So get your tickets, come celebrate summer with us on the East coast. 


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