Monday, May 19, 2008

Blogging in the soggy bog...raining here again today

I shouldn’t complain because the last four weeks this household has spent every spare minute in the yard, planting and trimming. We fired the landscape crew and took back our yard! woohoo! Forgot how MUCH work there is in the spring.

It all started when we realized that Ben’s scout troop was getting ready for the annual mulch sale and we needed to clear out some dead stuff from our drought last summer and be prepared for a 10 yd dropoff. Fortunately Ben is big enough to really help this year. Used to be as much work keeping him busy and cleaning up his creative messes as doing the lawn. He has really been a big help. I’ve been planting tons of perrennials. My eyes have been practicallly swollen shut for about 4 wks. Hmmmm, tree pollen.

Anyway, it’s looking good except for the small ponds from all the rain. OOps, I complained again. Shut mah mouth!

I’ve been out doing a few shows in between gardening and have had such fun audiences. Thanks all, for coming out to share some live music.

Have some news coming out in the next newsletter. Make sure your email is registered so you’ll get one.

I’ve been out to Napa, CA twice in the past few weeks. (could have something to do w/ swollen eyes too)I have been hanging out with my old friend Billy Dean and we have been dreaming up some some new trouble to get into. I have really missed him and it’s been fun to be with Stephanie again too. (We midwestern girls stick together )

School is almost out here and it’s so obvious that the kids are ready. It really takes me back to the feeling I used to get those first couple of weekday mornings that I wouldn’t have to get up. The weather would be nice and I would just lie there awake but not wanting to move. The whole day to do whatever. Mmmmmmm, I may have to go back to bed.

It’s raining anyway.....


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