Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tennessee Snow

Hey its snowing in Franklin TN! I am loving this! There are so many people in this area that love snow. I am always happy when we get even the tiniest bit but when it actually covers the ground I am ecstatic.

I know some places have had too much snow this season and lots of folks are over it. At least it brightens up the gray.

Anyway, been running all over the map lately and having a ball.

The Prairie Home Companion show is always such a unique and wonderful time. I was so lucky to be up in St. Paul twice in the last few weeks and once with my buddy Sam Bush. He was seated with the band behind Garrison and I as I struggled to keep up and it was a bit like having the ornery kid in school sitting behind you making faces and funny sounds as you tried to give the right answer to the teacher. Gawd I love him though and i didnt love the ornery kid.

Got to go back to the UK. Love you folks and love it there. Gretchen and I were both in Newcastle on a night off and we were planning a wild night, but she got Diphtheria or something and ended up in the emergency room. Me, being the good friend I am, stayed I wouldnt make her feel bad if I caught it. (Always thinking of my friends feelings).  Fortunately, I had shows with both her and Matraca over Valentines, so I got a small fix of vixen. Oooh i like the sound of that.

Raul was the other act on the bill with the Orchestra Nashville and I had BIG FUN singing his signature duet Two To Tango I call it his signature because he has performed it with lots of gal pals...none of which have my distinctive dance moves. I actually think I scared him.

Cool though that I was with Raul and lots of buds only a few days later when we all got to be part of a very cool concert called The Outlaw Trail in Austin. It was taped by PBS and HDNET for release this summer. What a gas it was to be hanging out with LeRoy Parnell, Carlene Carter, Rodney Crowell, Raul and even Ray Benson was there. It was a couple of really long days but it made me remember the days when we all did TV frequently and I loved watching real pros do it and have fun with it. For goodness sakes I got to sing a duet with Jessie Colter. In the words af M and G....Do that ....Madonna The real fun was a late night guitar pull led by Russell Smith in one of the rooms. Gotta love that.

It was great being included with that bunch. I have always loved the whole outlaw vibe..except for the blood and now Ive been watching Westerns ever since I was down there. Im keeping the mood. I always felt so alive when I was driving around out west in my camper. Sometimes I felt like I would explode from bliss. There really is something about altitude for me too. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Im off to Napa with some girlfriends this weekend. I am in great need of antioxidants. Woohoo!


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